classic Rome walking tour

Discover the most amazing and iconic highlights of Rome! 

The best Classic Rome highlights, in a single tour!

Admire the Spanish Steps, enjoy the richly decorated Fontana della Barcaccia, a jewel of Bernini, father and son. Enjoy the beauty of the Trevi Fountain, the world’s most spectacular fountain, and toss a coin into it if you wish to return to Rome! Relive the atmosphere of La dolce vita and fall in love with the ancient history of its construction, that dates back to the ancient Roman times. 

A visit to the Pantheon, the ancient Pagan temple dedicated to “all the gods”, with its mind boggling architecture, will make you relive the magnificence of the ancient Rome. 

Make your way to Piazza Navona, built over the ancient ruins of the Stadium of Domitian at the end of the first century AD, and listen to the history of the three fountains that ornate the square: here is the Fountain of the Four Rivers, designed and completed by Bernini in 1651. 

The perfect tour for first time visitors, for History and Art enthusiasts, to see Rome with new eyes. This experience can be combined with a wine and a food tasting at the end.

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