Looking for a wine tasting near Rome?

wine tasting near Rome
Wine harvest of Malvasia del Lazio in Frascati - early October

Tasting great white and red wines near the Eternal City is possible. Wine tastings can be surprising and completely unexpected. Forget about traveling for more than three or four hours to reach another Italian region: at a very short distance, you will discover the area of the so called “Castelli Romani” or Roman Castles, a lovely hilly region just half an hour away from Rome, known for its beautiful landscape, its famous wines, olive oil and genuine food.

During my Castelli Romani – wine and food experience, most of the times my guests, who are wine lovers or simply people looking for an authentic and local experience, say: “Do we really need to come back to the city? This place is a paradise!” 

Let’s discover then why a wine tour close to Rome is not to be missed.

Here, over 630.000 years ago, an intense volcanic activity started and gave the area the shape that is clearly visible from the roads that lead to the south, towards the countryside.  The complex of the Vulcano Laziale (Latium Volcano), with its main crater – with a height of 947 meters above sea level – extends for a diameter of 60 kilometers. If you have the chance to visit the ancient Appian Way, in between  the second and the third mile, you will see the basaltic formation that cooled down at the end of the last eruptive phase of the volcano.

The soil is therefore perfect for wine making: a mixture of different types of lava, tufa and pozzolana, minerals including iron, mica and leucite.


“The terroir of the Castelli Romani gives to white wines a unique savoury and sapid note; red wines become complex and full bodied after refining in bottles or oak.”

Your living room is arguably where you spend the most time at home (at least when you’re awake), so it goes without saying that you want this room, above any, to feel inviting, personal and comfortable.

It’s the combination of textures on the floor and bed, as well as the clear desk chair that takes up little visual space. Notice the boxes under the bed and the narrow wall shelf that add extra dorm storage without taking up too much space. Want a little extra privacy? Hang some curtains from the ceiling using Command Utility Hooks, which can hold a decent amount of weight and are easy to remove without making holes in the walls or ceilings.

If you live in a tiny home and need to maximize every square inch, know that most of the pieces in the collection are designed specifically for space-challenged areas. Sofas and sectionals are streamlined, with narrow arms and storage in unexpected places. The company’s best-selling and well-priced SoMa Brady Slipcovered Sleeper converts quickly into a small space bed

We know what heat sinks do, but why do we actually need them? Is there really a problem with components getting hot? The answer is definitely YES. Circuits have a maximum operating temperature that is typically referred to as the maximum junction operating temperature (T op). The L298 specifies this as 130°C in the datasheet. We cannot exceed this temperature, or damage is likely to occur. We also know that the component will generate heat during standard operation and that it will operate in an environment with a given ambient temperature.

One of my biggest wardrobe “aha!” moments was when I found my sleeveless, mustard turtleneck crumpled on the closet floor next to my white and blue striped shirt. Frowning at the jumble, it was the first time I was thankful for my messy tendencies—the pairing was fabulous. And not something I would have ever pieced together if I was just standing in front of my wardrobe, trying to decide what to style that morning.

That’s when it hit me: In order to think of new outfit formulas, you need to shake up the way your closet is organized every now and then. Some people like to group by colors, others like to group by occasions or season, but if you know where everything is, you start reaching for items with muscle memory rather than with a fresh eye.

To me, an outfit is at its peak when it gets creative with its silhouette. Crop tops with high-waist pants, turtlenecks under crewnecks, collared shirts underneath dresses, cropped sweaters on top of maxi dresses—layers have the potential to take something old and overused in your wardrobe and change it into something completely different.

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